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NCIC Inmate Communications is the largest independently-owned Inmate Communications Provider operating today, servicing more than 800 correctional and confinement facilities in the United States and in another 8 countries. NCIC operates without fanfare, instead of focusing on building lasting relationships and absolute trust with our correctional partners by providing industry-leading technology and consistently exceeding expectations for customer support. 2020 marked NCIC’s 25th anniversary and we are excited to build on our past successes and continue supporting the law enforcement community.

While our roots are in traditional inmate telephone service, NCIC now also offers a range of kiosk-based services and applications including video visitation (both on-site and off-site), secure inmate messaging, inmate ticketing (grievances, requests, etc.), video arraignment, mail scanning and links to approved third-party services such as Commissary and Law Library. NCIC’s new inmate tablets take the same suite of kiosk-based inmate services and make them available on a correctional-grade mobile device.

Unlike our larger competitors, NCIC is not beholden to the interests of a confusing array of multinational private equity firms; our primary stakeholders are our employees and our Facility partners. NCIC’s independent ownership enables us to operate as we see fit, requiring lower operating margins and enabling us to offer the lowest rates and fees found in our industry.

NCIC’s unique, proprietary process for completing phone calls and video visits equates to more successfully completed communications, lower complaints, and maximized use of the inmate communications services available in the facilities we service. As a result, NCIC generates more monthly communications revenue (and revenue-share) on a per-inmate basis, than any other provider in the industry – period.

Contact NCIC today to see how we can customize the inmate communications program for your facility.

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NCIC Inmate Communications will provide a complimentary, obligation-free assessment of your current Inmate Communications environment.

At no cost to you, NCIC will provide an assessment your current Inmate Communications including a concise summary of the following important data points:

– Rates and fees being charged to your inmates (and their friends & families)
– EFFECTIVE commission rate being paid to your agency (versus the commission rate referenced in your current Agreement)
– Average Monthly Revenue and Commission on a per-inmate basis
– Any identified earned but unpaid Commission
– Any identified areas for improvement or increased revenue generation

Simply provide NCIC with a copy of your current Inmate Communications Agreement (including any attachments, amendments or addendums) along with copies of some recent Commission Statements from your current provider; we will provide your free assessment within 48 hours.

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