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In 1962, Hunt Insurance Group, LLC began consulting sheriffs on their evolving exposures and insurance needs. We are an industry-leading marketing, service, and risk management organization that offers a full range of custom-designed cost-containment and insurance programs for governmental entities and associations.

We are proud to partner with the National Sheriffs’ Association to offer a broad range of unique products, specifically tailored to the needs of each agency.

Each policy purchased through Hunt Insurance Group directly benefits the National Sheriffs’ Association in its mission to create and promote education and training curriculums, develop innovative practices and procedures, and advocate for effective legislation and representation of our nation’s sheriffs, their agencies, and the communities they serve.

Catastrophic Inmate Medical Insurance (CIMI)

An insurance policy that limits the financial burden on taxpayers and improves budget accuracy by reimbursing the unpredictable and high-dollar costs associated with arrestees and inmates who require medical treatment outside the walls of the detention facility.

Since 1996, the Catastrophic Inmate Medical Insurance program has reimbursed over $25 million to sheriffs, counties, and local municipalities across the United States, for such external medical costs.

Inmate Medical Cost-Management Program (IMCMP)

A nationwide corrections network that provides discounted rates for medical services, such as x-rays, dental services, chiropractic services, optical services, or hospital services provided outside of the jail.

Medical bills are reviewed to ensure they are accurately coded to industry standards and negotiated to obtain the deepest discounts possible.

Inmate Work Crew Insurance

An insurance policy that provides coverage to an insured law enforcement agency, county, or municipality if an inmate is injured or killed while performing their duties as part of an inmate work crew.

Court-Ordered Community Service Insurance

An insurance policy that provides coverage to an insured law enforcement agency, county, or municipality if an offender is injured or killed while fulfilling their court-ordered community service requirements.

Inmate Work Release Insurance

An insurance policy that provides coverage to an insured law enforcement agency, county, or municipality if an inmate is injured or killed while working at their place of employment outside of the jail.

Cyber Liability Insurance

An insurance policy designed to cover the financial losses that result from data breaches or other cyberattacks. 

It covers both the legal liability exposure costs of defense, civil action, and penalties as well as costs to clean and repair or replace the computer systems following a breach, and it provides the insured agency with expert forensic computer intrusion advice from the time of the intrusion through the closure of the claim.

Company Information

Dan Lancaster
Phone: 850-545-3855

Dan Lancaster is an Account Executive with Hunt Insurance Group, LLC. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs from Florida State University and has been in the insurance industry for eight years, primarily working with law enforcement agencies, county governments, local municipalities, and members of the public safety community. Prior to joining Hunt, Dan worked as an underwriter for an insurance company in the greater Atlanta area. During this time, he obtained his Georgia POST Certification and served as a reserve law enforcement officer in a suburb of Atlanta.

Tamara Armstrong
Direct: 850-241-7033
Mobile: 850-556-3069

Tamara joined Hunt Insurance Group in 2008 as a Program Developer and remains responsible for the oversight and management of the employee benefits marketing and client retention services as the Director. She was promoted to Vice President in 2015 and Senior Vice President in 2017. With over 25 years in the insurance industry and her expertise with government entities and Associations as well as her understanding of principles concerning underwriting and marketing, she has been asked to speak as a subject matter expert at many state and national events. Tamara is a licensed Life including Variable Annuity and Health agent who served as the Past-President of the Capital Area Association of Health Underwriters and participates in many state and national associations.

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